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Sexy Jenna Pietersen

I love 3d Models – the sexy kind!

OK – so I have been a computer geek for a long time and enjoy tinkering around with graphics software. I especially enjoy it when the results are fun and create works of beauty.


One of my favorite programs for creating digital art is Poser. This 3d application for Mac and Windows allows us to create photorealistic 3d models of anything we want.

Poser is particularly good at creating 3d models of people – in particular women!

Here are some great 3d images made with Poser.


What good is a beautiful 3d model if she doesn’t know how to pose? Experience pose satisfaction with your 3d model collection!


There are many products out there to help build great looking 3d figures. You can get different body shapes, all kinds of hair and skin textures and even hip fashionable shoes and clothing.

poser 3d model daz 3d

Imagination is all that is needed!

Amazon Image

Learn more about dressing up 3d models at


Learn more about Poser 3d at


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3d Figures with Daz3d


Amazon Image

You Can Shoot Upscale Glamour

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